Why a Midwife is Right for You

Welcome to former Snoqualmie Valley Midwifery; the practice of Roxanne Spring, CNM. Now at Empowered Pregnancy! We are dedicated to high quality midwifery care for women throughout all of your life cycles. Midwifery is a model of care that acknowledges the importance of listening and being present with you. We know you are the expert about your own feelings and beliefs. It is your insight that is vital to forming the bonds that help you achieve your goals surrounding your own health and your health in pregnancy and birth.

We know the experience of having life within the womb is very important for the two of you and the loved ones who belong to your family. We consider caring for you, the special life within your womb and your family during your pregnancy as a sacred responsibility, a calling. The journey into parenthood is one that needs to be guarded and guided and most of acknowledged for the amazing transformation of lives that it is.

So as you ponder your health and how to take good care of yourself, please consider choosing a Certified Nurse Midwife who recognizes we as women have dynamic changes to experience through all of our life cycles. We offer complimentary  meet & greet appointments at our beautiful new Empowered Pregnancy Birth Center <a href="http://EmpoweredPreg.com or call 425-549-3444 to make you appointment.
We are preferred providers for:
First Choice Health
Community Health Plan of Washington

Group Health Cooperative



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