Bonding with Your Unborn Baby

Getting to know your baby does not start when you receive your baby in your arms. Throughout pregnancy and birth you and your baby are learning about each other. Also your baby inside is learning about all the other important people who surround him/her. Your baby inside is learning of your culture and beliefs, whether the world outside is safe or not and much, much more. If you are interested in attending a class to focus on learning about the incredible abilities of your unborn and how to more fully connect with him/her, please respond to this to receive information on upcoming classes. Classes will be offered on a sliding fee scale.

About snoqualmievalleymidwifery

I am a mother of six amazing human beings, married to the love of my life for greater than 4 decades, Nana for seven awesome grandchildren & now retired midwife (CNM) for hundreds of wonderful families over the last 21 years. Now as sage femme passionately advocating for human beingness beginning with birth.
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