Diana Esperas, student midwife



I am a midwifery student working towards my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) and LM (licensed midwife) licensure in Washington state through the PEP ( Portfolio Evaluation Process) with NARM ( North America Registry of Midwives). Since 2010, I have had the opportunity to apprentice with four different midwives in their practices.

My calling to midwifery began in ’96 with the birth of my second son, Sequoia. That day a seed was planted in my heart, that someday I would become a midwife. In labor with my son Sequoia, my son Brendan crawled up on me to snuggle and nurse. Shortly thereafter Sequoia was born earthside, that night on a full moon. It was a beautiful, empowering birth experience for me. I soon trained as a doula with Penny Simpkin’s class  and did some doula work. I’d look at Seattle Midwifery School’s large colored brochures and dream…. I did not have the money or resources to go to midwifery school at that time.

While raising my babies I went to school for horticulture, worked with a arborist for many years, worked as a professional organic gardener for 23yrs+, caregiver for the sick, dying and elderly for many years,  studied with several local herbalists, studied to be a midwife assistant  at the FARM ( in Tennessee) with several of the original farm midwives including Ina May Gaskin and Pamela Hunt, midwife assisted with several local midwives and attended the Matrona in Bellingham, WA.      The beauty, love, sacredness and energy present in doing this work can not be compared to anything else. It is a honor and blessing to serve and nurture mamas, babies and families on their birth journey(s). I continue to tend to that seedling that was planted years ago.It is now a strong plant soon to flower. Birth Blessings,

Diana Esperas

Life itself is the miracles of miracles       ~ George Bernard Shaw