Roxanne Spring, CNM, ARNP


Motherhood was a focal point for me as my highest ambition. So, needless to say I started very young and continued having babies, breastfeeding, focusing on building our family  from my teens to forties. My husband and I have been married for 40 years and have six amazing human beings here because of that ambition which have so far added seven incredible grand children too.

My great passion for natural birth, breastfeeding, bonding, nutrition & families required a new focal point which led me directly to becoming a birth professional. First as Bradley childbirth instructor and on to becoming a Doula trainer, lactation specialist, a RN with a BSN degree from WSU in 1993  working in labor and delivery and working as a manager in the First Steps Program and as a clinical nursing instructor and with maternal fetal medicine while I  became a Certified Nurse Midwife in 1998 with my masters in nursing from UW.

I worked in practices in Evergreen hospital, Group Health central and Overlake until I stepped out to be a community based midwife in 2011.  When I started my solo practice, I had no idea of all the skills and opportunities for growth I would have: website development, designing office space and being responsible for every aspect of doing business. I had a small interruption in my solo practice from April through June at Empowered Pregnancy. While I had closed my physical space I now serve families from my home or yours. Throughout all these journeys,I know for certain: birth is sacred and needs to be honored as such.

Midwifery is a sacred calling in my life and I absolutely love working at the portal. I treasure connecting with each babe in the womb as well as the one with life growing within her. Indeed the whole family which supports these two are important to me. I believe in care that is evidence based and in alignment with ones heart.