Spotlight on Testimonials!

Angela Fernandez wrote “I always wanted a home birth but this experience exceeded my expectations. I felt so nurtured and cared for by all 3 midwives during my entire labor. The natural pain relief provided and position change suggestions were great. Paul also loved our home birth which is all I dreamed of and more. I felt Eli had amazing care, and having a home visit 24 hours post partum was a relief just to have the assurance that everything was going OK.”

“You always take so much time”, wrote Alison Wilson. “I was always supported and I always felt safe and comfortable. You were also so loving to my boys. Everyone, including myself, present at the birth was so impressed with your knowledge and skill and sensitivity to my needs and wishes. I was able to text or call any time I needed anything or was uncertain about what was going on. (Roxanne) took great care of me and my baby!

Mindi Lippard wrote “I can’t say enough about the wonderful care I received throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. My kids even got involved which was important to me. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I miss you!
Julie Sauvage desired to share the following “Always seems like Roxanne has so much time for me and it was appreciated. I like the aromatherapy approach too.”

Accalia Hinton described the care she received while the baby was in the womb as “Awesome!I felt that you helped me understand my choices and then respected the decisions I made. You were so attentive to my health and how it affected the baby. I felt I was in a partnership with you.” She also had this to shareabout what was the most important to her”I have gained a treasured friend in Roxanne. Her insights into birth and how it pertains to our religious beliefs were some of my favorite conversations. I came away from each appointment feeling edified and rejuvenated.”

Teresa Jenkins described the care she received as being very impressed in the following ways:
-“While we had you for care only in the last trimester on, we were very comfortable with you and your team from the first meeting. We wish we found you first! You were there as a facilitator of Timmy’s entrance into the world. Very unobtrusive, it was easy to relax before, during and after his birth with your care. It was so easy to immediately fall into the joys of motherhood and not have to be concerned with the details after the birth.”
Regarding the education during her care she stated”You were the only midwife (of the four we spoke with) that asked about what we’d done for self education. You also were the only one to recommend anything in the way of videos/reading/research.”

Allison Law had this to say about her labor & birth:
“It was personal, memorable, and even meaningful in personal development… It started with my water broke and my husband and I came into Roxanne’s office for a checking. After confirming water broke, she told me what to do with different scenarios. So I left with knowing exactly what to do.

After a day (day time) of nothing really happened, at late night active labor started. Roxanne arrived with her student intern, and another midwife as an assistant. The process was very supported by them. When I need them, they are there. They are always there but also seemed not always there when I don’t need them. That part is very comfortable to me. The time went by quietly. They made the lighting, space, care, all very comfortable to me and my husband.

Why do I say it was meaningful for personal development? Looking back, I must have somehow presented myself in previous appointments when discussing how I want my labor to be like, to be like I wanted do the labor myself and did not wanted to be checked on dilation. I think it was my language barrier caused mis-communication. I like status very much, like how I track work project. That night, I did not ask how was my dilation until maybe 20 minutes before my daughter was born. Without knowing the progress, I had a bit of test going on mentally. But I know every contraction is one step closer. It also amazed me that Roxanne did not need to check my dilation but know exactly where I was at. When I finally asked how far I was, she confidently told me I was quite there and could do what my body tells me to do. There just 3 pushes, the baby was born!

So this process is different from how I normally work or lead my life. I know I sometimes have a tendency to find out the status when I don’t need to. This time I did just the opposite. This experience gave me greater confidence to go through a long process without knowing intermittent status. Therefore I say this is very meaningful for my later life. This would not have happened if Roxanne is not a super experience CNM. Her confidence quietly led me through this process.”

“I appreciate Roxanne walked this journey with me and my family. It’s as if we had this special connection pre-destined. I shared with her my work, my volunteer work, my family, and my Falun Dafa meditation practice. She took all of these into her care for me.”

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